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1. Logo designs on Changjiang Road Cultural Tourist Avenue shall be original and distinctive in conception and shall have a clear theme, a profound implication, as well as a strong artistic appeal and visual impact.

The work of design shall be drawn on a blank A4 paper and its size shall be 120 mm x 120 mm. Each set of designs shall include two manuscripts, a full-color version and a black-white version (halftone). The work is not constrained to graph and they may be attached with three-dimension models and saved as JPG or TIF documents, the resolutions of which shall be higher than 300 dpi. Basic sizes and reference colors shall be noted. A brief explanation on idea and design shall be given with regard to its conception, principle and implication.

2. The image-promoting slogan may be either in Chinese or Chinese plus English. It shall fully embody the advantage, connotation and characteristics, affinity and appeal of Changjiang Road Cultural Tourist Avenue with concise wording and deep implication. It shall be suitable for reading and able to arouse the sympathetic response for use of promotion and popularization. The slogan in Chinese is limited to 14 characters.

3. The photographic works shall be fraught with life breath and can demonstrate combined beauty of humanity, architecture and history of Changjiang Road. Both single and serial works are welcomed. And the pixel in long edge is not less than 2000px

4. Each entrant may simultaneously submit a logo, a slogan and a photograph. So may they submit any one of the three categories. Nevertheless, the entries submitted must be original and never publicized before in any form so as to possess complete intellectual right.

5. Any style and type of entries are welcomed so long as they are in conformity with China’s law and the requirements of Chinese public social morality.

The Call for Entry only accepts the submission by e-mail. Please label the theme of e-mail with “Logo, Image-promoting Slogan, Photograph Competition on Changjiang Road Cultural Tourist Avenue”. E-mail address: The Organizer of event shall not be responsible for the loss, damage or failure of submission due to causes unrelated to the Organizer.

From January 12 2016 to January 31 2016. (The submission time refers to the time of e-mailing. Entries submitted later than deadline are excluded from the shortlist.)

LOGO image-promoting photographs
  • 南京长江路文化旅游大街logo展示:徐峰
  • 南京长江路文化旅游大街logo展示:吴晨曦
  • 南京长江路文化旅游大街logo展示:汪敏
  • 南京长江路文化旅游大街logo展示:田佳(三)
  • 南京长江路文化旅游大街logo展示:田佳(二)
  • 南京长江路文化旅游大街logo展示:田佳(一)
  • 南京长江路文化旅游大街logo展示:唐光硕(二)
  • 南京长江路文化旅游大街logo展示:唐光硕(一)
  • 吴曙摄影作品展示
  • 刘宁摄影作品展示
  • 谢俊摄影作品展示
  • 方伯飞摄影作品展示
  • 夏永南摄影作品展示
  • 邓志勇摄影作品展示
  • 黄添摄影作品展示
  • 李玉蓉摄影作品展示